Hunting in Namibia information

General information about Hunting in Namibia.

Namibia Hunting Season

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism has fixed the trophy-hunting season from the 1st of February to the 30th of November. Nevertheless do we not recommend hunting in the rainy season as temperatures can rise to well over 35 °C in the shade. This makes hunting real tough when one is not used to this. Also do we feel that this means a longer recovery period for the animals.

Means of Hunting in Namibia

As a member of the Namibian Professional Hunting Association (Napha) we take great interest in a fair hunt. Hunting in Namibia stands for nature conservation and since hunting became more and more popular in this country the numbers of endangered species have recovered.

Trying to take our nature and hunt seriously all trophy hunters are accompanied by a professional hunter. We hunt as fair as possible to minimise stress on the game. Hunting from certain waiting points and hunting on foot gives your hunt the fair chase character it deserves.

Hunting is also important for the economic development of Namibia and in many aspects the poor, communal areas profit from consumptive tourism.


The average rainfall in the central region is approximately 250 mm (10 inches). Rain mainly 0ccurs between December and May with February being the main season. The temperatures during our winter months May to September are between 15 °C and 22°C but can reach temperatures below freezing point at times.