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The ultimate Namibian experience!

Ibenstein Safaris offers excellent opportunities on Farm Ibenstein in the heart of Namibia, just one hour drive away from Windhoek, to kickstart your Namibian adventure. This is the ideal place to start and end your safari holiday. The farm covers an area of about 15,000 hectares and consists of grass savannas and African mountain landscapes. 



Ibenstein Professional Safaris

The Ibenstein family business has been run by the Krafft family for almost 40 years. We offer visitors and adventurers exactly what they expect of a safari in Namibia:

  • Exciting and intensive safari adventures in Namibia

  • Breathtaking landscapes and

  • An amazing and fascinating fauna and flora

  • Lots of time to unwind, relax, and be spoilt.


Our Namibian farm lies on the edge of the Kalahari, only one hour's drive from Windhoek. At Farm Ibenstein you will find your ultimate safari experience in Namibia.



“Why is it you can never hope to describe the emotion Africa creates? You are lifted. Out of whatever pit, unbound from whatever tie, released from whatever fear. You are lifted and you see it all from above.”

- Hemingway

Our History

A little more about our history and the family

August Stauch

August Stauch


August Stauch, finder of the first diamonds in Namibia (then called German South West Africa), and a forefather of the Krafft family, bought Ibenstein and the neighbouring farms, Protea and Dordabis, at the beginning of the 20th century. After Stauch’s death the farms were divided. His daughter Marianne inherited Ibenstein and lived on the farm together with her Russian born husband Nicolai Krafft, an engineer and business man.  The farm became well known for breeding Karakul sheep, the so-called “black diamonds” of Namibia. The skins of the lambs were sold for the production of pelts and the shorn wool from the mother sheep was discarded.


Marianne, an artist herself, had the idea to use this very tough wool to weave durable carpets and founded the first weaving centre. Marianne’s and Nicolai’s son Michael reorganised the farm operations into cattle breeding, while his wife Sabine from Berlin took over the weaving centre and made an internationally successful business of it.


Ibenstein Game Farm was established by Micheal in the mid-seventies. His dream was to breed Simmental Cattle combined with a variety of game species that free-roam the farm. The main aim was to reintroduce these species to Farm Ibenstein for the purpose of tourism,  which he pursued in the years to follow.

René Krafft

Ibenstein today


René Krafft, son of Michael and Sabine, took over the farm activities in 2000.

René is a native Namibian and can offer you safaris all over the country, in places that very few visitors see. For visitors who want to see more of Namibia, René can organize safaris himself.

Besides tourism, we run an established Simmental Stud. Namibia was the first country where the breed was successfully established outside Europe. The first imports were in 1893 by the government of the then-German Colony, with a view to improving the milk and beef production in the country. 

The Simmental breed is known for its' dual-purpose characteristics, meaning it produces milk and beef. 


Explore our beautiful freestanding Cottages 

Cottages at night
Inside Owl Cottage

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